From the simple act of pouring a glass of wine to creating bold, elegant table presentations, Zwiesel Kristallglas A.G. brings a touch of sophistication to any fine dining experience. Preferred by top class chefs, sommeliers and bartenders worldwide, Zwiesel seamlessly blends functionality and stylish design to create glassware that is truly one of a kind.

Established over 140 years ago in the Bavarian village of Zwiesel, the company combines a passion for perfection with time-tested glassmaking expertise to create high-end products that satisfy both professional and individual needs. Whether it is a desire to add an element of sophistication and elegance to your own home, or enhance your fine dining experiences, Zwiesel strives to create unique glassware for any special moment.

Marrying the finesse of handmade glassblowing tradtions with modern technology, Zwiesel offers three distinct brands spanning the entire range of both professional and lifestyle oriented premium glassware.

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